1 Year 

Roughly 1 year ago today, the PashbyMauls were packing up all of our household items in Vicenza, Italy, shipping them to various parts of the world, and graciously letting go of as many things as we could. This past year marked our biggest life transition since we were married and began Life Together. Since our … Continue reading 1 Year 


Day 59: Dordrecht, Holland’s Oldest City

Yesterday was Drew's first day of working obligations here in The Netherlands, and I had an entire day to myself. What to do with a whole country at my fingertips, all connected via a high-functioning rail system? The answer was to travel from where we're staying in Apeldoorn to Dordrecht (via Rotterdam) to see a … Continue reading Day 59: Dordrecht, Holland’s Oldest City

Day 60: Bumbu Desa Indonesian Restaurant

Living in Italy, and after a weekend in overpriced Switzerland, the Netherlands is a refreshing change of pace when it comes to international cuisine. Central Apeldoorn is full of ethnic dining options, and highly recommended is the Bumbu Desa Indonesian Restaurant. Famous in the Netherlands (so we are told) is the Rijsttafel - Rice Table. That … Continue reading Day 60: Bumbu Desa Indonesian Restaurant

Day 64: Road Tripping to Switzerland

 Oh Italia. There is nowhere we have been that was not amazing and beautiful, and we feel as though we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible. Amidst all of the great wine, food, scenery, art, music, architecture and history, it can be easy to neglect Italy's neighbors. This is one weekend we … Continue reading Day 64: Road Tripping to Switzerland

Day 90: European driving experience

When I left the United States in 2008, my Subaru Forester came with me. I think it was a week after my car arrived in Italy that I sideswiped my first guardrail. After that, all bets at keeping the first brand new car I had ever owned pristine were off. It's painfully obvious to many … Continue reading Day 90: European driving experience