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(Alicia’s) 10 Years of International Life

May 2017 was a big milestone that passed by without mention, probably because of the busy-ness of international school life: 10 years since I graduated from Hope College!  I went from living in MI for 21 years to spreading my … Continue reading

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Boutier Winery

PashbyMaul adventures goes wine tasting at Boutier Winery in Madison County, Georgia. Among the surprising varietals we find a new Georgia favorite! Continue reading

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A Thousand Years of Maul(e)

I’m not sure what inspired me to start doing a bit of Maul(e) family historical research this morning, but one thing led to another, and hours of research later a quick post evolved into an epic essay of Maul family … Continue reading

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How My 2016 New Years Resolution Had a “Trickle-Down Effect”

For the entire 2016 calendar year, I committed myself to the next step in becoming more of a minimalist. In order to accomplish this, I made a New Year’s Resolution to not buy any clothes for an entire year. I … Continue reading

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Today has confirmed that family runs deeper than blood and it has been my utmost honor to become Godmother to sweet baby Oleksa, who happens to be the son of one of my best friends, Oksana, and her husband Andriy. … Continue reading

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1 Year 

Roughly 1 year ago today, the PashbyMauls were packing up all of our household items in Vicenza, Italy, shipping them to various parts of the world, and graciously letting go of as many things as we could. This past year … Continue reading

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Khast Imam Complex – Tashkent

It’s hard to find “old” Tashkent, but seeking it out is certainly worth the effort. 50 years ago, an earthquake damaged the city, and opportunistic Soviet planners used the seismic event (described in various magnitudes depending on the source) as … Continue reading

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