Day 17: Villa Crine

Great wine with great friends. The perfect recipe.

Great wine with great friends. The perfect recipe.

With a history of wine production in the world famous Valpolicella wine region since 1883, a visit to Villa Crine is one of those extra special experiences you’ll never forget. The Valpolicella wine region lies between Verona and Lago di Garda, and Villa Crine is located within an idyllic 17th century villa in the town of Pedemonte. Today we had the full Villa Crine experience, sampling handcrafted wines with over 130 years of refinement.

The star of the show is no doubt the Amarone della Valpolicella, made from the partially dried corvina grapes, or an approved blend. After 120 days drying, the grapes are crushed and fermented for up to 50 days and then aged in oak barriques to perfection. Knowing nothing about Amarone before moving to the Veneto, I was first introduced to this outstanding wine at Villa Crine, and have since experienced several others from various producers. However, the Amarone from Villa Crine remains a favorite. Ideally, to enjoy properly, the wine must be allowed to breathe for a minimum of an hour. Pair with cured meats, steaks, risotto, pork, or hearty pastas.

partial spread of Villa Crine offerings

partial spread of Villa Crine offerings

Today’s experience had us tasting wine before noon, which is perfectly fine. We have been informed by numerous reliable sources that traditionally, after an early morning of manual labor, one gets hungry by 9:am. Breakfast when the sun comes up before 5:am rarely consists of any more than a coffee and a brioche. After a few hours of manual labor, a salami, bread, and a quartino di vino is just what you need to make it through to lunch. Our experience lasted until well after noon, and I’m sure we could all have benefited from some manual labor.

explaining the finer points of wine production techniques at Villa Crine

explaining the finer points of wine production techniques at Villa Crine

Regardless, we were certainly refreshed. The price list doesn’t break the bank, and you can take home premium wines for a fraction of what you’d pay in any store. At this family run operation, steeped in tradition and old school hospitality, you can lose yourself in the experience, and come back again and again, as we have, thanks to our friends the Rinns. Tonight we shared our experience with our neighbors, bringing home a case of our favorites. After all, there is no better way to drink good wine than by sharing it with friends and family.


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